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Welcome to the page where you will learn more about our history! Thank you for reading this, you have always been an inspiration for us!

Early 90s

Canadian Health&Care Mall was launched back in the 1990s and started developing right away because of the growing interest of customers. From the very beginning it was clear that our goal was to deliver efficient drugs and exceptional quality service to families and individuals. Our dedication and trust of our customers brought us this far; it’s thanks to the values we proclaimed and thousands of loyal clients that we keep selling affordable drugs of the best quality, offering tailored solutions for every case. We are working hard on delivering your drugs right on time or even sooner, always living up to your expectations and implementing new features for you to find lower prices every time you come by.


This period was crucial in terms of gaining more popularity and respect of customers from across the world. It’s during those years that Canadian Health&Care Mall became truly popular, so we devoted a lot of time to offering an online drugstore capable of satisfying the needs of every customer.

We are a professional team of medical professionals and executives making sure our goals are the same as before and our customers are helped the best way possible when they visit. We are perfectionists, as we want to make sure you never have to wonder or doubt your decision to shop with it. Undoubtedly, this is what makes us so different from many other pharmacies out there.

While some people may hesitate about shopping with an online pharmacy, ours is an exception to all the rules: not only is it completely safe, we have been working on every aspect of our service to make sure it’s always convenient and easy for you. You can be sure every time that the amount you ordered will reach you as promised and you will be satisfied with its quality. Another thing you can be sure of is that our managers will help you with any problems or issues you may have when shopping, to make this into one unforgettable experience. Attention to the needs of the customer and great desire to help – those are two other components that we believe make us unlike any other business in this industry.

In addition to providing the standard services every customer has a right to expect, we offer discreet packaging of the products you ordered, as well as overnight delivery if you need to start the treatment as soon as possible. The idea is to make sure every customer is happy and taken very good care of. Nothing can make us happier as a business than our clients coming back and ordering more, because it means we did our job well and lived up to their expectations. You can be sure our service package will only be extended, so you will always enjoy best quality care.


Following a period of growth and development we had plenty of time to analyze our success and achievements. Making sure our values are beneficial for every customer and enjoying internet-wide popularity because of our outstanding services and high quality products, we keep working on the range of products available and looking for new cooperation possibilities to make our drugs even more affordable to people across the world.

No matter what we do, we try to excel and offer the best there is, be that customer support service or professional medical advice to our customers. We set the standards of quality medical care and are dedicated to always keeping our word to people that trust us with their time, money and health.

Our team of professional health care providers, managers, distributors and scientists is always there to ensure every step we make is towards your healthier present and future. Come by Canadian Health&Care Mall any time you need some efficient medicine for less money and we will help you find it!

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The reduced length of stay could not be shown to be directly related to the number of complications measured in this study, but the number of complications was low in both groups. Only 10% of all patients (diet, three patients; medication, one patient) went into atrial fibrillation, which is lower …

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